A Little About Us

For more than 40 years we have been serving customers who need safe, committed flatbed specialists to haul their freight. J-Line Transport Limited is a family owned business. Our reputation is built on honesty and integrity. Our many long term clients will tell you that we are a dependable and accountable carrier.

Our equipment is maintained onsite, so we know it is done right. Our drivers are trained regularly to keep up with changing regulations so they keep themselves, their trucks, and our customers as safe as possible. Specializing in Flatbed Services, J-Line’s 60 Trucks and 70 Trailers can haul Steel (coils, bars, rod, etc.), pipe, building products, lumber, waferboard, machinery, stone, brick, and anything else we can secure safely.

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Flatbed can carry a variety of freight. Freight can be tarped or untarped depending on the shipper’s needs.

Roll Tite

Roll-Tite (or Roll-Kits) are designed to keep loads dry during transport. These trailers have what is essentially a “rolling tarp” that provides our drivers with a quick and easy way to cover your load so that it doesn’t get wet. Because drivers don’t have to spend the time tarping, they are able to be loaded, secured, and on their way as quickly as possible

Mini Kit

The Mini-Kit is the same, in principle, as a Rack and Tarp, except that it is made to fit over a smaller section of the trailer. It is ideal for hauling freight such as coils where the kit keeps everything nice and dry. Because it is smaller than the regular Rack and Tarp, the driver can assemble or dismantle it very quickly.

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